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Hi Guys, as promised here is the super easy hack to pixel makeup –>  


Disposable Makeup Sponges! Just cut them to the desired size, dip and apply. 

After multiple tries with different makeup products I have made a list of items that are smudge proof and work best for this look. Listed below.






List of products used, in order: 

Smashbox PhotoFinish Foundation Primer

Brows: I used Mac Pro Longer Fluid eyeliner for more precision with 219 pencil brush. This was the only step that required a brush. Everything else can be done using sponges. 

Eyes: Along with eyeshadow primer I prepped the eyes with concealer. Then applied dark brown eye shadow with small pieces of the sponge. Finally used Kat Von D tattoo liner (avoid Stila because it’s too runny!) and sephora lashes. 

Contour: Nyx Contour Palette I made the mistake of starting with the darkest shade first. Start with the lightest shade, dipping the sponge in the contour then applying to the cheeks. Cover up your mistakes with the dark shade. 

Blush: HikariStudio Makeup

Highlighter: Nyx Contour Palette and Becca Highlighter in Moonstone 

Lips: Colourpop 

Don’t forget to pixel-ate your hairline, neck and collar bones! If you have more tips/tricks please share below. 



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